Book Review: ‘Good Dog, Bad Cop: A K-Team Novel’ By David Rosenfelt

by | Feb 18, 2023 | Books | 0 comments

Corey Douglas and his dog Simon, Laurie Carpenter (wife of Andy from the Andy Carpenter series), and the awesome Marcus ( the best character in any series), make up the K-Team. They work for the Patterson police department investigating cold cases. They pick two cases, Danny Avery (a dead cop), who was murdered in his car, and Jimmy Dietrich (also a cop), and Danny’s former wife Susan, their bodies found washed up from the Passaic River, in what was considered a murder/suicide. Furthermore, they begin their investigation, and things don’t add up, and using Sam the hacker, they start to put pieces together. Were both cases related to each other? Someone doesn’t want them investigating, and soon the bodies of potential suspects start piling up, hitman are hired to take out Corey. This doesn’t stop the trio from digging up what really happened. With cameos from Andy Carpenter, this is another fun K-Team novel, which complements the Andy series. And with an awesome dog in Simon, you can’t help but like this series.

You can pick up Good Dog, Bad Cop in stores on Tuesday, March 14th from Minotaur Books.