Book Review: ‘The Good Daughter’ By Karin Slaughter

Karin Slaughter the author of best selling novels Pretty Girls and The Kept Woman is back with her next emotional thriller The Good Daughter (William Morrow Hardcover; in stores Tuesday, August 8). Be prepared for twists galore in this story of sisters and their horrible past and coming to grips with it today.

It was 28 years ago when the lives of the Quinn sisters Charlotte and Samantha changed in the small town of Pikeville. A man showed up at their house and killed their mother and attempted to kill the two girls (and one of the girls suffered even more). It was all because of their lawyer father Rusty, who would defend and often get every bad guy off or with reduced charges. The people of the town did not like him.

Now today both girls have followed in their father’s footsteps and are lawyers. Charlotte (now known as Charlie) is involved with a heinous shooting at a local middle school. She was on site talking to a teacher when shots were heard. She ran to the scene and was trying to help the hurt and the alleged shooter 18 year old Kelly Wilson. This brings Rusty on to be her lawyer and try and defend her. Charlie doesn’t remember everything that happened since it happened so fast, but she still is investigating what happened.

Her father is attacked and is in the hospital. This brings Samantha to town and she ends up having to start the defense of Kelly while Rusty is recovering. She knocks it out of the park at the arraignment. Rusty seems to be getting a bit better until he has a heart attack and dies. This keeps Samantha in town and she and Charlie along with her estranged husband continue to work the case and look for answers.

This also brings back old memories of what happened 28 years ago and in flashbacks we learn the shocking truth of the that night. What happened that night is relevant today when lots of twists and turns lead to the shocking climax of the story.

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