Book Review: ‘Gone Too Long: A Novel’ By Lori Roy

Imogene Coulter is burying her father, the once leader of the Klan which has been trying to make a comeback the last few years in the south and nationally. On this day her mother asks her to take down a wire on the property that goes down to an old house on their property. When Imogene arrives at the old house she hears a noise and goes to investigate. She finds a little boy locked up in the basement who says he is waiting for his mother. He recognizes Imogene by her red hair. Someone has told him about her. She takes the boy back to the house and calls her brother and sister and the police. Imogene thinks it has something to do with father when the boy mentions the name Ed (which was her father’s name).

We soon learn through before,which involves a 10 year old girl named Beth who was taken and left in the basement for seven years and after how the little boy came to be there and also via real time with Imogene what is happening today. The boy’s name is Christopher and he just wants his mother. Imogene also has to fight off the Klan trying to take her family’s land. It seems her father was stealing from them and promised the land to pay off his debts. But the house is in her mother’s name.

Soon Imogene starts to put the pieces together about what really was happening in the basement and it shocks her when she figures out the truth and she has to race to save Christopher and herself before it’s too late.

A solid mystery with twists and turns that lead to the shocking climatic reveal that keeps the readers engaged throughout the story. Also an interesting look and history of the Klan and the story part involving the Klan fits into the overall narrative of the story. A solid novel by two-time Edgar Award winning author Lori Roy.

You can pick up Gone Too Long in stores in stores on Tuesday, June 25th from Dutton.

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