Book Review: ‘Gone But Not Furgotten: A Cate Cafe Mystery’ By Cate Conte

Maddie James just can’t catch a break. Her JJ’s HOuse Of Purrs is doing great and their trying to get the animals adopted. She’s also trying to take yoga and get her zen. Until Cass tells her about Laurie and all her cats. She has over sixty cats at her house inside and outside. When Maddie and Cass go to see Laurie, they find her dead, of an apparant accident. Maddie goes into overdrive to get all the cats and to have them checked out and hopefully finds homes for them. Maddie thinks there’s more to the death and then another dead body shows up. Maddie and her Grandfather (a former Chief of Police) decide to investigate and figure out what’s going on before i’s too late. I love reading these books, there some much fun. I love the animals and how it also puts a spotlight on adopting and taking care of your animals. It’s Purr-fect read.

You can pick up Gone But Not Furgotten in stores now.

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