Book Review: ‘The Glittering World’

Four people go to Starling Cove and only two return.

If you like Sci-Fi, Gothic thrillers, then ‘The Glittering World’ is for you. Four friend return to the childhood home of Blue Whitley. His married friend Elisa and Jason and Gabe, who’s relationship is part lover, part friend and part not sure. They got to Starling Cove to sell Blue’s grandma’s house which she left to him on his death. Blue doesn’t remember much about the area as he left when he was five. Weird feelings come over him as he’s there.

When he goes to the house to look through it, he sees stories about kids that went missing years ago and then showed up two week later. He finds a mysterious hole in the basement. Soon the lady he is renting their house from Maureen fills him in on some of the details from the past. She also senses something in him as well as Elisa, who is pregnant but hasn’t really told anyone. One night Blue and Elisa disappear. As Jason and Gabe investigate and look for them they learn long lost secrets about a group of people that live under the ground. The more they learn, the more outrageous it seems.

The book is told from all four characters point of view, broken up into four major arcs. Robert Levy’s debut novel paints a vivid picture of a different race that has also been among the humans and who and what they are.

You can pick up ‘The Glittering World’ in stores February 10.

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