Book Review: ‘A Girl’s Guide To Moving On’ Is One Awesome Read

There’s an old saying ‘Like Father Like Son’ and that fits Debbie Macomber’s new book A Girl’s Guide To Movie On. Dad cheats on his wife and son does the same thing.

Nichole and Jake are married and have a son Owen. Leanne and Sean have been married almost 35 years (not always happy). Leanne has looked the other way to many of Sean’s affairs. Nichole learns that Jake has been cheating and even got another woman pregnant. She tells Nichole and the two women (who are very close) both choose to end their marriages and begin life new. They get apartments right across the hall from each other. They make a list of things they will do to move on and try to be happy. They vow to live by it as each day goes on.

Sean lets Leanne go pretty easily. Jake on the other hand doesn’t want to lose his family and fights the divorce for two years trying to win her back. Leanne thinks about it but just cannot trust him. Finally he gives her the divorce.

Both women vow to make new friends and volunteer to help others. Leanne teaches a class two nights a week and Nichole works with women trying to help them dress and look better. When Nichole backs her car into a ditch a tow truck is called and out steps Rocco. He’s is what you would think a Rocco would look like. Tattoos, muscles and all man. They take an instant liking to each other. Rocco asks her to help with his 15 year old daughter and the outfits she is trying to wear. They soon realize there is more to their relationship and decide to give it a try. Rocco is not experienced at all in them (he has been around the block and has a checkered past). He has put all that behind him and now runs a business and is a responsible dad. Owen takes to him as well. Jake is not happy about him and tries to make Nichole’s life miserable over it.

Leanne meets a man as well. One of her students who is from Ukraine named Nikolai. He becomes smitten with her and starts to chase her. Leanne is not use to this and is taken aback at first. Soon she is attracted to him as well. He doesn’t understand a lot of things that happen in this country. He get’s jealous a lot and somewhat demanding. There relationship progresses to a good point. Sean is still in the picture and wants Leanne back. She has no interest but it makes Nikolai jealous. When Sean has a medical crisis it causes issues with their relationship.

Both women struggle to put their exes behind them and move forward with the new men in their lives. But the past always has away to come back and they must struggle with what is the right thing to do.

I really, really enjoyed this book. I liked how each chapter was devoted to either Leanne or Nichole and told their point of view of what was going on. It showed that you can move on after divorce and having to start over. They didn’t let what happened to them define them, rather it in some ways energized them.

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