Book Review: ‘Girl, Forgotten: A Novel’ By Karin Slaughter

Karin Slaughter’s follow-up to 2018’s Pieces Of Her focuses on the daughter Andrea Oliver and her new career as a U.S. Marshall. Andrea has just graduated and has become a Marshall and her on-again/off-again boyfriend Mike gets her a job in Longbill Beach, Del, and a partner named Leonard Bible, who is a Deputy. They’re part of a group that are helping to protect a Federal Judge who has been receiving threatening letters in the mail. She also has a checkered past, her pregnant daughter Emily was found beaten and almost dead in 1982, kept alive long enough to have the baby and then died of an infection. One of the suspects back then was Clayton Morrow, who happens to be Andrea’s bio daddy, and is currently in jail and up for parole. Andrea digs deep into what happened to Emily and hopes to tie into Clayton, in order to keep him in jail. She also finds that Bible has an agenda, as a series of suicides of young girls have been taking place and it’s tied to the farm, owned by a former teacher who had ties to Emily back in 1982. Via flashbacks we learn the story of Emily, how she became pregnant and leading up to when she was beaten. Andrea and Bible work hard and start to put the pieces together and tie the past and present together, with shocking reveals and results. This is a solid follow-up to Pieces of Me, with cameos from Laura. The story is all action and tension and readers will be hooked by the Emily story and want to keep reading until the truths are revealed. Karin Slaughter never disappoints.

You can pick up Girl, Forgotten in stores on TUesday, August 23rd from William Morrow.

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