Book Review: ‘The Other Girl’ By Erica Spindler

A tragic event happens to a 15 year old girl and she has put it behind her. Now 15 years later she learns the past can never stayed buried.

When Richard Stark, who is the son of the President of the local college, is found brutally murdered, it’s up to Officer Miranda Rader and her partner Jake to solve the murdered. It’s shaken up the small town of Harmony, Louisiana. Something about the guy seems familiar to Miranda but she’s not sure what. She soon finds a police story involving her from 15 years ago, she can’t understand why it’s in his possessions. It involved a situation she got into 15 years ago while hitching a ride with a guy and a girl. The girl was raped and Miranda was next but she escaped. She told her story but no one believed her. She was from the wrong side of the track and was always getting into trouble. She ended up with 6 months in juvy and vowed to change her life.

She’s been a cop for 10 years now and is well respected. She soon figures out her connection with Richard. She’s also questioned by her chief when a finger print of hers is found at the murder scene. Having no idea how, she makes up a story and Jake backs her up. She figures out things are not what they seem with the murder and pieces together what she thinks really happened. Her boss doesn’t buy it. Soon Miranda is suspended from the force and case.

She keeps snooping on her own and soon stumbles on another murder. This has a connection as to what happened to her all those years ago. Soon she’s being questioned and is considered a possible suspect. The more she digs, the closer she gets to the truth and it could be right in front of her.

If you read cop mystery books you know that there’s a formula that pretty much everyone follows. It’s now different here. It’s pretty by the book and if you read close enough it’s pretty obvious who is the murderer. Overall an enjoyable read!

The Other Girl by Erica Spindler (St. Martin’s Press; in stores Tuesday, August 22).

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