Book Review: ‘Ghosts Of Havana’ Continues The Judd Ryker Series

Judd Ryker is back and in deep in a crisis situation with Cuba. Working at his job in the state department as part of the Crisis Reaction Unit. In the last book his Minute Zero, Judd came up with the theory of the first minute after a crisis is the most crucial to enact a plan. With a crisis now in Cuba, Judd is once again asked to help find a solution.

Now that his wife Jessica’s identity has revealed as a secret CIA agent, they have come to an understanding about how their relationship with work. Both work for the government and could be on the same job. As it turns out Jessica is also working Cuba at the moment, even though she didn’t want to.

It all started with the US government opening up relations with Cuba. Some don’t like it, thinking we haven’t gone far enough in the negotiations. When four US fisherman have been arrested for breaching Cuban waters, it sets off a crisis situation. Different people in the government are working their own agenda in freeing them and trying to cause a revolution in Cuba. Everything is hush hush.

When Judd is told to go to Cuba and make a secret deal, it could mean his life. Lucky for him Jessica is also on the case and it leads to a showdown that could cost people their lives.

You can pick up the exciting new thriller Ghosts Of Havana (in stores Tuesday, September 6; Putnam) from author Todd Moss.

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