Book Review: ‘Ghost On The Case’ Is A Ghostly, Fun Adventure

This was my first time reading one Carolyn Hart’s Bailey Raeburn novels and it won’t be my last.In Ghost On The Case (in stores now; Berkley Prime Crime) Bailey has a really tough case to help solve and not much time.

Bailey is dead and in heaven. And the way she describes it Heaven is awesome. You can picture where you want to be and live it out. You pets and other loves ones are there. Bailey is part of a group that is allowed to go back to earth and help people out of bad situations. Her supervisor Wiggins has summoned her and assigned her a case in Adelaide, Oklahoma where she’s from. While on cases she can show up where ever she wills herself to be and can dress in whatever she thinks of.

Susan Gilbert has received a call saying her sister has been kidnapped and the needs $100,000 dollars ransom. She knows where to find it. Her boss Wilbur Fitch is rich and she knows the combination to his safe. She goes and takes the money and plans to tell him once it’s over. She gets the money and waits for the call. At this point Bailey has shown up and is advising Susan on what to possibly do.

The next morning Wilbur is found dead in his house. Susan goes to the house and confesses to the police she what she did taking the money and about her sister. Turns out her sister was never taken it was a hoax. But whoever did it knew Susan had access to the safe. Susan is soon the prime suspect in the murder. Bailey then goes into overdrive trying to figure out who might have committed the murder. She has narrowed it down to seven people that knew Susan could open the safe.

When another murder takes place with Susan at the scene puts her in more jeopardy. Wiggins has given Bailey 48 hours to figure out this case and return to heaven. So now the race is on to find the killer before it’s too late.

A delightful, well written and humorous ghostly story. Bailey and Wiggins make a really fun combo that I look forward to reading more of in the future.

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