Book Review: ‘The Garden Of Small Beginnings’ Teaches How Gardening Can Bring About Love

Lili lost her husband over three years ago in a tragic auto accident right outside their front door. What makes it worse is they were in the middle of a big fight. She heard it and saw the aftermath of it. It caused her to have a breakdown for a few months. Luckily her sister Rachel was around to help care for her two little girls.

Today Lili is an illustrator (and a damn good one) working for a book company. She makes sure to pick up the girls everyday from school. She also has to deal with an overbearing mother. Her sister Rachel is something else. Still out there dating and occasionally sleeping around. She’s determined to get Lili back in the dating world. Evn though she lost her husband years ago, she’s still not ready.

When Lili is told she will be illustrating a new vegetable book, she’s also told she needs to go to gardening classes for six weeks. She actually is looking forward to this. She drags Rachel and her girls as well. Edward who teaches the class sparks something in her she hasn’t felt in years. There’s also an interesting group of people that are taking the class. They all bond together and become friends.

Lili and Edward become friends and start hanging out and even kiss. Lili is hot for him but still feels like she’s betraying her late husband and also afraid of how the kids would react. Rachel has met a new man and seems to be falling as well.

As the weeks go by the garden they are working on during the classes is coming along great. As are new relationships formed over the weeks of the course. The question is will Lili finally let down her defenses?

This is Abbi Waxman’s debut novel. A heartwarming tale of family and gardening. And there’s also great tips before each chapter on how to plant and take care of vegetables!! Makes me want to go out and start a garden.

You can pick up The Garden of Small Beginnings from Berkley Trade Paperback Original in stores on Tuesday, May 2.

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