Book Review: ‘Full Disclosure’ Is Stormy Daniels Story About Her Life And It’s A Great Read

by | Sep 28, 2018 | Books | 0 comments

Stormy Daniels is so much more than a porn star and that woman who had a one night stand with Trump and was paid off. She’s a smart, savvy business woman, an actor, writer and director and takes no guff from anyone. She is taking on the President of the United States and is not backing off. She’s a fighter and this is her story.

It’s a standard biography starting with her childhood and her parents (who weren’t very good parents). Living with her mother in a place with roaches and disgusting conditions. She overcame this and made friends and talks about being sexually abused at a young age. Her solace was her horse, who she spent a lot of time with and got her through some tough years until the horse died.

She goes on to talk about early boyfriends, getting into dancing at age 17 and the money she could make. That lead to meeting the band Pantera and going on the road and meeting the woman who would get her into porn. Wicked Pictures said she could be a star and she wrote scripts, acted and directed. Unheard of from someone not in the business that long. That led to dancing gigs and promotional appearances.

She goes into depth on Donald Trump and how they met, the night they had sex (he called her Honey Bunch) and how she spanked him and gave him attitude. How he was gonna get her on the Apprentice. Also an interesting story involving Pittsburgh Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger. She also goes into full details on the non disclosure, Michael Cohen, being threatened and everything involved with the whole Trump things starting in 2016.

She also goes into details on her personal life, her marriages and birth of her child. A very personal, honest book that leaves no stone un-turned.

You can pick up the book on Tuesday, October 2nd from St. Martin’s Press.