Book Review: ‘The Forgotten Girls’ Is The Next Stevens And Windermere Adventure

All police/FBI thrillers follow the same pattern. Usually start out with a murder and an introduction to the killer. Then we meet the law enforcement person(s). Then they get involved in the case. Then they have trouble finding clues. Then they catch a break and are on the case. Then there’s more murders. Then the showdown with the killer, which puts their lives in danger.

The Forgotten Girls by Owen Laukkanen (Putnam; in stores Tuesday, March 14) follows the same pattern. And I am not complaining. The latest Stevens and Windermere (book number six) is a very easy read. It follows the outline that I wrote above.

A girl is found dead in the winter in the Northwest and it lands on the desks of Stevens and Windermere in Minneapolis. The reason they get the case is the girl is local. They start investigating and more bodies turn up which may be tied to the girl. Soon they learn it has to do with The High Line, a stretch of trains that run through the Rocky Mountains. People are know surf the trains to get to different parts of the country. It’s a dangerous thing to do during the winter. The case takes them to the Northwest and into Canada to capture the serial killer.

When I say it’s an easy read, the chapters are short and on point. No useless filler that some books will have (looking at you Jack Ryan books). At 355 pages the book flies by. It was my first time ready these characters or a book by Owen, and won’t be my last time.

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