Book Review: ‘Foreign Affairs’ Is Another Great Stone Barrington Novel

Stone Barrington is back in is 35th novel, Foreign Affairs (G.P. Putnam’s Sons: In Stores October 13).

Having to go to Rome last minute for a meeting, Stone is on his way to what he thinks is an easy business meeting. Stone being Stone also meets a hot woman on the plane Hedy Kiesler, who happens to be going to Rome as well. By the end of the flight Stone has invited her to stay at his hotel with him and she of course accepts.

Meeting with his associate Marcel about buying a plot of land to open a hotel, the plan is approved. It doesn’t sit well with a local mobster Leonardo Casselli, who was run out of New York, He’s trying to shake them down for about the hotel. Well Stone isn’t someone you mess with. Calling in his numerous contacts (including the President of the United States) it soon becomes a game of cat and mouse.

The stakes are amplified when Hedy is kidnapped. Mayor rescue plans are made and plans put in action to rescue her and capture Leo once and for all.

I love Stone Barrington novels. They are fun to read, with great characters and interesting stories. The other think I love about the novels is how they are printed. The publisher uses good sturdy paper and makes it easy to read each page. They put just enough text on each page and each chapter moves fast. It’s such an easy read.

If you’ve never read a Stone Barrington novel before, this is a good one to start with. Stuart Woods explains who each character is and how they relate to each other. Every time I read one of these novels I feel like I am visiting with old friends. Can’t wait for the next one!

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