Book Review: ‘Foo Fighters: Learning To Fly’ By Mick Wall

Mick Wall is a well known UK rock writer having written books on Guns N’Roses, Led Zeppelin, Metallica and now can add Foo Fighters to his list (note Dave Grohl was not interviewed for the book). It’s more a look at the history of how they became who they are today and it all centers on one person Dave Grohl. Mick writes the book starting with his early life right through today.

Dave was born in Virginia and was really close with his mother. He started in music early and as a teenager joined his first major band Scream at the age of 18. Because he was young he often couldn’t go into the bar to play until the show actually started. He soon headed out on the road and learned what it was like to live with barely no money. The perks were the groupies would provide food and other services for the band (you know what I mean). Dave would become friends with members of other bands and when he was invited to try out for Nirvana he jumped at the chance.

A good deal of the book is devoted to the Nirvana days. How Dave got in the band and what it was like working with Kurt. How they went from nothing to one of the biggest bands in the world. How the recording, writing and tours went. The behind the scenes issues with drugs and Courtney Love. Mick talked to people associated with the band and got information that hasn’t been heard before.

After Nirvana Dave started Foo Fighters and Mick goes into details about the band from the start. The personal changes, the writing of the albums, the early tours and the behind the scenes of the band.

Mick has sought out people associated with Dave throughout his life and his various music projects for exclusive insight into Dave. Dave is Foo Fighters and without him they wouldn’t exist. There’s a lot more to Dave Grohl then Nirvana and Foo Fighters and Mick Wall covers it all from Letterman, Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame, legal battles with Courtney Love and then time he broke his leg.

All of this and more is covered in Foo Fighters: Learning To Fly (Thomas Dunne Books; in stores Tuesday, August 15). It’s an interesting look at one of the most talented people in music today.

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