Book Review: ‘First Frost’ Is A Magical Fun Ride

‘First Frost’ the latest novel from Sarah Addison Allen is the next edition of the Waverly women. It’s almost Halloween and time for the tree in the backyard to bloom its apples and the big party that goes with it. It’s known around the town of Bascom as ‘first frost.’ The tree seems to have a life of its own. Men cannot get to close to it and it hits them.

Claire Waverly’s candy business has taken off. She has more orders than she can handle. Even with the help of Bay, things are just happening too fast. Bay herself is in high school and following for Josh Matteson, from the family that doesn’t mix well with the Waverlys.

When a strange man starts staring at the house and asking around about the family, it sets off alarms as to what this man wants. When he finally makes his move, it shocks Claire to her core and she has a big decision to make.

Sarah has written a story about family, young love and feeling like you belong. Along with some magical elements, the Waverlys are a family that you would want to hang out with.

You can pick up ‘First Frost’ in stores now.

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