Book Review: ‘Firewall’ The Next Thrilling Emma Streat Mystery

Emma Streat is just looking to take a relaxing vacation with the man she’s hooking up with Lord Andrew Rodale. She’s not sure where the relationship is going since he works for the English government and it’s never really been discussed. Her twin boys are off at college and she’s ready for some warm weather. That all changes when her Grandmother calls from New York saying she’s received a threatening letter and is being blackmailed. Emma has great detective skills she’s used in the past and will need again.

Her Grandmother thinks it is her ex-husband who knows some of her secrets. Emma starts investigating, meets with her gran’s lawyer and is ready to hired a detective. She soon learns a lot more than she should. Her Grandmother is attacked in her home, Emma gets the lawyer to confess to cyber-crimes and names some names. But this is not just simple cyber-criminals. It’s a big time syndicate that could be Chinese in nature.

This soon takes her to Europe along with Lord Andrew and they start working the case involving the art world, a mysterious man traced to England and startling secrets and threats and intimidation. Will Emma be able to survive this time as she’s getting too close to the truth.

Emma Streat is a fun character that’s well-written. There’s so many adventures and things happening in this story it almost seems like overkill. Just pay attention to the story and go along for the ride. It’s non-stop action with Emma in the lead.

You can pick up Firewall in stores on Tuesday, November 5th.

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