Book Review: ‘Finding Fraser’ Is A Fun Read For Outlander Fans

A woman’s search for a fictional character takes her to Scotland and forever changes her life. In the new novel Finding Fraser (Berkley Trade Paperback Original; May 3) from KC Dyer.

Emma Sheridan is a big fan of the Outlander novels (as is millions of other people). She decides to chuck it all and go to Scotland and look for her own Jamie Fraser (the male character in the series of books). She quits her job and sells everything. She also decides she’s going to blog her adventures along the way. Her sister thinks she’s is crazy and doesn’t support her at all.

As she makes her way to New York to catch her flight she has adventures in Philly and in the city. She takes off for Scotland and makes her way to her destination. She has a map that she is going to follow based on the Outlander books. She also has a few fans that are following her on her adventures via her blog.

It’s an adventure of a lifetime for her. Emma is robbed but also meets some nice people along the way. She thinks she finally found her Jamie but he ended up being a dud. The longer the stays there, the realizes she loves it there and wouldn’t mind staying.

There’s adventure after adventure and things happen that make Emma take stock in herself and discover what it is she may want going forward in life. And she may even find her Jamie after all.

I have never read any of the Outlander books or seen the series. I know only the basic of the story. If you’re in the same boat as me don’t let that stop you. I really enjoyed the adventures of Emma and her look for love. It’s something we probably all wish we could do (and I mean take off and have an adventure not necessarily look for love in a strange country).

Pick up Finding Fraser in stores on Tuesday, May 3,

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