Book Review: ‘Finders Keepers’ The Sequel To Mr. Mercedes


First off let me say the book is really good if written by any other author. When it comes to a Stephen King book I found it disappointing as a follow up to Mr. Mercedes, which was a thrill ride a minute.

The book begins in 1978 where three robbers have a very successful, yet reclusive author tied up and are robbing him of his money. Morris Bellamy is a big fan of his work and had heard there may be more writings of his that have never been released. And he finds out he is correct. They take all the works and money and kill famed author John Rothstein. They take off and Morris heads for his family home. He stashes the money and notebooks with the writings. Soon Morris is arrested for rape and is put in jail for life.

Years later the Saubers family moves into the house. Their connection to Mr. Mercedes is Tom Saubers was at the event in the first book where the car plowed into all the people. He was one of the ones hurt. One day while out walking Pete Saubers finds the trunk with the money and notebooks. Pete secretly sends his family money every month until it’s gone. The family has no idea where is comes from. Pete reads the books and realizes he has something. He decides he wants to try and sell them to help out his sister who wants to go to private school.

Morris Bellamy ends up getting out on parole and comes looking for the money and notebook. He soon follows a trail and figures out Pete found it as well. Tina who is Pete’s sister figures out something isn’t right and enlists the help of Bill Hodges, who is working with Holly Gibney and Jerome Robinson (who is back from school). They start putting the pieces together and figure out the case. Now it’s a race against time to try and save Pete and Tina from the clutches of Morris.

Stephen does a great job explaining the back story of Morris, Pete’s family and how Morris ended up at the author’s house robbing him. Again my only issue with the book was it’s a Stephen King novel and I expect more in the way of thrills and suspense. This was a pretty by the book detective type novel that I read all the time. It was good to have back the characters from the first novel and to tie it in the story from what happened in Mr. Mercedes.

There is a cliffhanger ending that sets up the third in the planned trilogy of the series. To even hint at it would be a major spoiler. It’s available in stores on June 2.

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