Book Review: ‘Find You In The Dark: A Novel’ Is Great Debut

Author Nathan Ripley has written a spellbinding debut novel in Find You In The Dark. The story is about Martin Reese who has been buying police files (illegally) for years on serial killers, studying them and then going and finding their bodies. He would use the guise of going off on his own for a few days to his wife. When he found them he would make tips to the right police agencies. In a sense he was doing their jobs for them better than they do.

Detective Sandra Whittal is not happy that the police force is being shown up by him as he is known as the Finder. Is he responsible for these bodies? Martin is on a quest to find the body of his wife’s sister who went missing years ago. When he gets to close to something, his life is in danger by a killer and by Whittal herself, who is determined to find out who The Finder is. It will take everything for Martin to turn the tables and get out of this mess he created for himself.

A thoroughly enjoyable story with a bit of a different twist on the serial killer genre. Martin is an interesting character and his quest is one done out of love not malice. You can pick it up in stores now.

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