Book Review: ‘How To Find Love In A Bookshop’ Is A Delightful Look At Love In A Small Town With A Bookstore

There’s something about an independent bookstore that makes it exciting to go to. Sure there are big chain bookstores but their in it more for the profit. In the case of Nightingale Books (a fictional place in this nove), it’s for people that are excited about books. They come in for Julius the owner of the store. He has such a love for books and the people that come in, that he is very well respected and loved. He took everything he had over 30 years ago and made this his life’s work.

Sadly he has passes away too young. And now it’s up to his daughter Emilia to carry on with the store. Only problem is she has no idea what too do. She has promised she would never sell it and wants to keep her word, even when she gets a great offer to sell it so it can be used for an apartment complex. She won’t do it and starts the process of running the store.

When it comes time to bury her father it seems the whole town turns up to say their goodbyes and to offer Emilia assistance in anyway they can. It’s a small town and throughout the story we meet quite a few of the people (and learn their stories) that had some sort of acquaintance with Julius and the Nightingale Books.

When she finds out how bad off it is, her father was quite in debt, never paying attention to his bills and using charge cards that didn’t get paid. Emilia starts making plans on how to get more business and try and get the store accounts paid. The pressure starts getting to Emilia and she feels at a loss. Just when she’s ready to throw in the towel and accept defeat, the people in the town rally around her and help her save the shop and in doing so helps her save herself.

Just a delightful story of a town that loves it bookshop. At the heart of this book is LOVE and how the store came to change their lives in ways they never thought possible.

That’s why it’s sad that these days with corporate America taking over you can’t find as many small, independent stores. If you can support them and you to may find Love In A Bookstore (or restaurant or mom and pop corner store).

You can pick up How To Find Love In A Bookshop now in stores written by Veronica Henry from Pamela Dorman Books.

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