Book Review: ‘Fatal’ Is Your Typical Who Done It Story

John Lescroart is back with his newest novel Fatal (Atria Books; in store Tuesday, January 24). It’s a stand alone novel from the legal series he’s been writing over the years. I have to admit I never read any of them so not exactly sure how it all connects with this book.

It’s a story of a sorted affair that involves three couples and a mysterious murder that has any number of suspects. Kate is married to Ron and has two kids. Peter and Jill are a married couple with twin boys. Bina and Geoff are the third married couple. Their lives all intertwine after a dinner party. Kate spots Peter and is attracted to him. She doesn’t know why as she loves Ron. Forces inside her get her to call Peter and meet him at a hotel. Peter has no idea what this is about until he gets there. He has no desire to cheat but he’s a man and soon gives in. They decide it’s a one time thing. Neither thou can forget about the other.

Time goes on and an attack takes place on a cafe where Kate and her cop friend Beth are (and Peter happened to be there but left). Kate and Beth are injured and it takes them si months to recover. Peter has had a midlife crisis and has left his family and is just being a man-whore.

When Peter is found shot to dead Beth and her partner Ike are assigned to the case and follow all clues. It soon leads them back to the three couples and their relationships with him. The more they dig, the more frustrating the case gets. They think they have it figured out and then clues show they may not and it could all come down to Beth’s memory.

It was a decent read and a typical who done it story with adultery, twists and also a side story involving friendship.

P.S: If you’re going to rent a hotel room for an affair pay CASH…do not use your credit card. And be careful where you call from. Phone records can be traced!

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