Book Review: ‘Fast & Loose’ Is The Next Thrilling Stone Barrington Novel

Stone Barrington is back and better than ever in the next thrilling story from Stuart Woods. Fast & Loose is available in stores on Tuesday, April 18 from G.P. Putnam’s Sons.

Stone Barrington is out on his boat in Maine when a freak accident happens and he collides with another boat in the fog. Stone has a concussion and wakes up to a beautiful doctor (would it be anything but where Stone is concerned) tending to him. Turns out she and her family own the prestigious Carlsson Clinic. They’re in the middle of a hostile take over of their company and hire Stone and his firm to help out.

The company trying to buy the clinic is St. Claire Enterprises (a continuation from the previous book). Erik Macher has gotten a shady lawyer to re-write the late Christian St. Claire’s will and he inherits everything that his wife didn’t get and becomes the CEO of the company. Stone comes up with a plan to get the stock back for the Carlssons, which pissed of Erik. Stone also becomes romantically involved with Marisa (the hot female doctor). They have a torrid, sexual relationship.

Erik Macher is not happy and planning his revenge on Stone, who has exposed the will as a fraud, thanks to the help of Charley Fox. He works at the offices of Christian St. Claire and is an old friend of Ed Rawls. He soon goes to work forming a new company with Stone and Mike Freeman. This further enrages Erik Macher, who plans revenge on them.

Stone has to keep thwarting attempts on his life (and is a lucky son of a bitch). It all leads to one thrilling showdown.

Also back in this story are Holly (who has exciting news), the President and her husband and new opportunities for Stone. I’ve been reading Stone Barrington books for years now and this is close to the top of the list for me in the last few years. Everything flows nicely in this story. It’s mostly centered around New York City, with no trips abroad this time.

It’s exciting to get a new book every six months or so. Stone has become like an old friend of mine that I look forward to visiting with.

* As an aside these books are so easy to read. Stuart Woods keeps the chapters short and on point. No excess over explaining like some authors do. He gets right to the point and then moves on. If any editors or publishers are reading this please take note of this. There is never any reason for books to be 400 pages (except for rare occasions) or more (looking at you Jack Ryan books!).

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