Book Review: ‘Family Jewels’ Is The Next Exciting Stone Barrington Novel

Just when you finish one Stone Barrington novel, bam another one shows up. One of my favorite series of books by author Stuart Woods. His latest Family Jewels (in stores now) is another exciting chapter in the series.

When a beautiful, wealthy woman Carrie Fiske shows up in Stone’s office looking for help he can’t turn her down. She is afraid her ex is trying to kill her. He takes her on as a client and offers her protection. She invites him to Hamptons to sign her new will and while there they of course become involved (is there any woman Stone can’t have)? While there a horrible smell is in the air and a dead body is discovered in the house next store.

After the cops are called and the police investigate it could lead to Carrie’s ex being involved. When Stone leaves he also gets custody of an awesome lab named Bob. When Carrie is found dead all signs lead to her ex Harvey. Stone is the executor of the will and as he investigates Carrie’s stuff he finds what could be a famous piece of jewelry long thought lost.

The more he digs the more secrets and twists and turns he finds. Leading to a trip to Paris and Santa Fe more bodies start to turn up and Stone is racing against time to find out who is responsible.

If you’ve never read a Stone Barrington novel now is a good time to start. You don’t have to worry about previous books as Stuart is good at giving back story and letting you know who is who and how they belong. And from reading the press notes is looks like there will be a few more books coming this year, which suits me just fine!

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