Book Review: ‘Fall Guy: A Joe Gunther Novel’ By Archer Mayor

by | Sep 2, 2022 | Books | 0 comments

A car is found in Vermont with a dead body, Don Kalfus, in the trunk. The car was reported stolen by a wealthy man in New Hampshire and in the car a phone was found with child porn on it. Joe Gunther, Willy, Lester and Sammie (the Vermont Bureau of Investigation) are now on the case, having formed a task force with other agencies. Their investigations take them to various places and people in New Hamphire, who keep lying to them about things when they get interviewed. They have a prime suspect and now need the proof. When they finally get solid evidence, it leads them to the Canadian border and a deadly situation that could be the end of a few major characters. Another solid Joe Gunther novel with all the characters we’ve come to love in the years the series has been around. Throw in some well placed twists and turns and it keeps you engaged throughout the whole novel.

Fall Guy is in stores on Tuesday, September 27th from Minotaur Books.