Book Review: ‘Fake: A Novel’ By Erica Katz

by | Jan 24, 2022 | Books | 0 comments

As the book starts off the FBI is questioning Emma Caan about her current career as an art forgerer of paintings for rich people and museum. She copies them when the owners don’t want the originals to be out in public. And it’s perfectly legal. When she is done painting she signs the back of them and it’s noted they’re fake. Then along comes rich oligarch Leonard Sobetsky, who has made his fortune buying and selling artwork. Soon Emma is offered a job at a prestious museum as a curator and is on the fast track in her career. She’s also freelancing for Leonard and copying his paintings. As the book goes along each chapter begins with the FBI questions and we learn slowly what’s been going on. She soon learns what Leonard has been up to and is drawn into his web, not aware of until it’s too late what’s been going on. A solid, if not unspectacular novel set in the art world. The two parts of the story with the FBI and then what Emma has been doing played good here, with a nod to the world of art.

You can pick up Fake in stores on Tuesday, February 22nd from Harper.