Book Review: ‘The Faerie Handbook’ Is An Awesome Look At The Fairy World

I will be honest I know nothing about Faeries or have had any interest in them. Then I got this awesome book from Carolyn Turgeon and the editors of Faerie Magazine. It looks at everything Faerie related you can think of. Style, the history of them, modern times, awesome recipes, how to make furniture, faerie flowers and the history of animals and faeries. The book is beautifully put together with lots of colorful pictures.

Organized into four sections, it covers everything and anything related to the Faerie world including looking at their use in history from short movies (Peter Pan) and TV shows (True Blood). The thing that really strikes me about the book is the way it’s put together (see pictures above). It’s etched in a silver overlay and fonts are done with an old time look.

This is truly to perfect book for anyone in Faeries and their relevance in literature. It’s available in stores on Tuesday, November 14th.

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