Book Review: ‘Exit Strategy’ Is The Next Exciting Nick Mason Story

Steve Hamilton is back with his second Nick Mason book Exit Strategy (Putnam; in stores Tuesday, May 16). It follows the story started in The Second Life Of Nick Mason.

Nick Mason is given another assignment. One that he doesn’t want to do. He has no choice in the matter. Since he was released from prison early thanks to the help of a well known criminal Darius Cole, who’s also in jail. Darius still has a lot of power and people working for him. Darius is up for a re-trial and he wants the people that testified against him in his first trial taken out.

Nick is assigned these tasks. The problems Nick faces are that two of the people are in the witness protection program and being watched by many US Marshalls. With an informant working in the Marshalls offices, Nick is given the skinny on who, what and where these people are being held. Now all he has to do is get in there and kill them. There’s also a third man being held that Nick is told to kill.

These jobs could cause Nick his life if not successful. Or worse yet could cost the lives of his ex and his daughter. The first two he manages to take care of. It’s number three who is an issue. And then there’s the issue of new evidence in Darius’s case and his sentenced is over-turned and he’s set free.

Now it’s a race against the clock try and take Darius down once and for all. When Nick thinks he has the upper hand he gets a shock that will change his life once again.

I didn’t read the first book in the series. Steve does a good job of telling the back story and continuing it in this novel. It’s an exciting, thrill ride from the beginning. I am adding him to my list of continuing characters I want to read more of.

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