Book Review: ‘Execute Authority: A Delta Force Novel’ By Dalton Fury Is A Great Conclusion To The Series

Kolt Raynor is ready for his final showdown with sniper and killer Rasim Miric. A thorn in his side now for ten years and it’s time to take him.

Kolt Raynor and Delta Force are assigned to help protect the President when he goes to Greece to try and salvage NATO. He has his usual heavy security but Rasim Miric is there on assignment and has his shot lined up to take out the Greek leader. His shot is perfect and he kills him. Kolt spots where the shot came from and is on the chase to catch him disobeying orders to stand down (Kolt doesn’t believe in rules). He’s on his way and comes face to face with the one-eyed assassin (he took his eye out ten years ago). Rasim gets away heads for an apartment building which blows up and he’s presumed dead. Of course Kolt doesn’t believe it but his bosses won’t believe him.

Rasim has escaped and made his way to America to continue his plan. Next up is the the President of the United States. Kolt gets proof that Rasim is alive and heads to New York where the President and First Lady are due for an appearance. Kolt figures out where Rasim is and goes on the offensive (again against orders). Rasim shoots and hits the first lady in the leg. Kolt finds him but once again Rasim escapes (not before killing a few people).

Kolt is called to the carpet yet again and suspended. By this point Rasim wants to take out Kolt and is told by the people he works for he will be able to in time. He teases Kolt by ambushed his trailer where he lives and killing his boss and also killing a fellow Delta Force team member. Now Kolt is really pissed and decides to go rogue and getting his team to also help him.

They figure out the plan was to injure the first Lady and then take out the President at the hospital where she’s been flown to. The chase is on when Kolt figures out where he is and what the plan is. A bomb has been planted in the hospital. So now Kolt has to take out Rasim and try and get the bomb stopped before it’s too late.

Author Dalton Fury was a senior ranking military officer and a Delta Force troop commander who helped hunt and kill Osama Bin Laden. Execute Authority is the final book in the series. Dalton passed away from cancer shortly after he turned in the final draft for the book in 2016. He went out on a high with a thrilling, page turner of a book. This was the first time I read one of his books and time permitting I will try and go back and read his previous novels.

You will be missed. You can pick this final chapter up in stores on Tuesday, September 5th from St. Martin’s Press (and don’t worry if you haven’t read any of the previous ones it won’t effect reading this one) as a tribute to Dalton. You won’t be disappointed.

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