Book Review: ‘Everybody Rise’ Is One Big Misadventure


Review by Ann McDonald

Everyone yearns to belong, to be part of the “in crowd,” but how far are you willing to go to be accepted? In the case of bright, funny and socially ambitious Evelyn Beegan, the answer is much too far…

I was curious about the theme of this book thinking I was going to see a fresh new take on greed, ambition and loss of scruples – I didn’t stay curious for long. New money wanting to belong to old money, the kind that brings prestige and social position where the weekend cottage turns out to be a mansion oh please!

Evelyn is prompted by her social climbing mother Barbara, a character drawn very well as I hated her from the get-go, who never made it to the top and blamed her husband for that, and is determined to see Evelyn succeed. Evelyn pays the price of her ill-chosen choices and you try to empathize with her, you want redemption for her but it’s hard because she has never needed for anything, she just became blinded by wanting what she couldn’t have.

She struggles and perhaps she makes it but that if left up to you to figure out. In the end, I have to say that I read for pleasure and this story brought me none. Getting your first book published is a miracle in and of itself and I give author Stephanie Clifford full marks for achieving this but I hope her second book merits a better reception from me. She is talented and has much to offer but I just didn’t warm to her book’s theme and was completely turned off.

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Ann McDonald

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