Book Review: ‘Her Every Fear’ Looks At All Sides Of The Story

I can usually tell if I am going to like a book within the first couple of pages. With Her Every Fear (William Morrow; in stores now) I was hooked. Peter Swanson has written a compelling story, that you won’t want to put down until you’re finished.

Kate is moving to Boston from London to live in her cousin Corbin’s apartment. Corbin is moving from Boston to London to live in Kate’s flat. This is a six month deal. Kate for school and Corbin for work. Neither has ever met each other. Kate is dealing with emotional issues from a horrible ex-boyfriend. She’s excited and nervous at the same time. Corbin also suffers from issues (to talk about them would be spoilers) but is emotionally messed up.

On her first day there Kate learns that Audrey the woman living next to Corbin has been found dead (it later comes out it was murder). Kate goes through Corbin’s apartment and begins to suspect that maybe he had something to do with it. Then Kate meets Alan, who was infatuated with Audrey (but never met her). Then there’s the mysterious friend of Audrey that suddenly shows up wondering what happened to her.

Weird things happen to Kate, Will and Corbin (who has figured out what happened to Audrey). The killer plans his next move (and we find out who it is earlier than you would expect). Will another murder happen again before it’s too late?

The excellent thing about the book is it gets broken down by chapter with each main character getting back story and also the story is told from their point of view. All story points are answered and explained in a way that makes total sense.

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