Book Review: ‘Evenings And Weekends: A Novel’ By Oisin McKenna

by | Jun 4, 2024 | Books | 0 comments

The book is in stores on Tuesday, July 2nd. Click on the link to buy a copy.

The year is 2019, and we follow the lives of three main characters as they live their lives and navigate their relationships, jobs, families, and everyday life. Maggie is pregnant with Ed’s baby, and they barely make enough money to afford their lives now, and decide to move to the suburbs, where it’s cheaper to live, but something is off with their relationship. Phil is a gay man, who is involved with Keith, who’s also involved with Louis, and is afraid to open himself up completely to Keith, and is Maggie’s best friend, and knows a secret about Ed. We also follow along with Phil’s mother, who just got a bad medical diagnosis. As the days and weeks go on, their lives will change in big ways, and we the reader get a first-hand account of that. This is a well-written character-driven novel, with a great attention to detail, as author McKenna paints a vivid picture of everything going on. This is one you don’t want to put down.