Book Review: ‘Enola Holmes And The Elegant Escapade: A Novel’ By Nancy Springer

The next book in the Enola Holmes series is delighful and fun to read. Enola Holmes is the younger sister of Sherlock and lives out on her own. She’s always causing some sort of trouble, but for a good reason. Her friend Lady Cecile Alistair has vanished again. Enola has saved her twice before and considers her a friend. She figures out that she’s being kept hostage in her room in the house and is detemined to rescue her. She takes her to her secret office, only to be confronted by Sherlock, who is looking for her via her mother. Then Cecily vanishes and Enola is determined to find her. It turns out Cecily has a medical condition and Enola goes to great lengths to save her and get dirt on her father, to save her from being hidden away again. These novels are perfect for the whole family and you can watch Enola Holmes on Netflix and the new one will premiere on November 4th.

You can pick up Enola Holmes And The Elegant Escapade in stores on Tuesday, September 6th from Wednesday Books.

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