Book Review: ‘End Game’ Is The Next Exciting Will Robie Story

It’s book number five in the Will Robie series. It’s book number one for me reading. It won’t be the last one I read in the series. Will Robie and Jessica Reel are two bad asses who you don’t want to cross at anytime about anything. They could take you down with a stare (okay not quite but you get my meaning). Book five is End Game from David Baldacci and in stores on Tuesday, November 14th, from Grand Central Publishing.

As I said above both Will and Jessica are bad asses. The book starts out with each of them on an assignment, Will in London and Jessica in the middle east. Will gets his job down and Jessica has some issues and survives. They are a couple of so Will thought until he gets back to his apartment and finds a note ending it. As great as they are in their jobs, they both have psychological issues.

Soon they are both summoned and told that their boss Blue Man is missing and they need to find him. He was last seen in a small Colorado town, on vacation fishing. Not much is know about him on a personal note. Will and Jessica arrive in Grand, Colorado to search for him. What they find is a small town where everyone knows each other and where Blue Man has a history (it’s where he is from).

They find militant groups on the outskirts of town who hate each other. They start investigating and find little to help them find Blue Man. The more they dig, the more it becomes transparent that there’s a lot more going on here then what is being seen. It’s above their pay grade but that won’t stop them from their search.

As they dig more, they are in numerous shootouts (and again I take them over an army). Their lives are in constant danger and they have a little time to discuss their personal situation. Will is really hurt over it but they manage to put it rest. When they finally figure out what may be going on, it just may cost them their lives and that of Blue Man and others that have been taken hostage.

Just a great story with well-written characters and twists and turns galore that keep the story going until the heart-stopping finale!

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