Book Review: ‘Emma In The Night’ Is Full Of Twists And Turns

A troubled family, two missing girls for three years and then suddenly one of the girls arrives home with a wild story about where they have been for three years. This and more in Wendy Walker’s new thriller Emma In The Night (St. Martin’s Press; in stores Tuesday, August 8th).

Cass a 15 year old girls and her sister Emma, 17 years old, go missing one night. And now three years later Cass is back without Emma and everyone wants to know her story. Her Mother (who was and is a horrible one), Father (he’s divorced from her mother) and the FBI agents who worked the case. Cass claims that she and Emma were taken by a couple to a island off the coast of Maine. Emma was pregnant and the people that took her helped deliver the baby and planned on keeping her. Cass devised a plan to escape and get back to find help to rescue Emma.

The story is told from two view points. Cass tells her story and FBI agent Dr. Abigail Winter tells her side of the same story. The story Cass gives has some merit but there are holes. Abigail goes over it word by word and soon they’re on the trail. But what they here and what the actual facts are differ as you read the story (to say anymore could be spoilers).

The more you read the tale, the more twists and turns happen. You don’t see the way the story unfolds, until you read it. It’s just a fascinating thriller!

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