Book Review: ‘Effie Olsen’s Summer Special: A Novel’ By Rochelle Bilow

by | Mar 18, 2024 | Books | 0 comments

To purchase a copy click on the link. The book is in stores on Tuesday, April 30th from Berkley.

Effie Olsen grew up on the small island of Alder Isle, Maine, and once she graduated she was out of there, to become a chef and travel the world. She wouldn’t even stay when her best friend Ernie professed his love for her on graduation night. Now 16 years later, having been fired from her last job, with no money, she returns to the island for the summer, to live with her dad, and reconnect with her sister. She gets a job at the Michelin restaurant, Brown Butter, as a sous-chef, planning to only work the summer, and then be gone again. She runs into Ernie at the beach, and they decide to become best friends again, and put the past behind them, and also works at the restaurant. The two soon fall in love with each other, but Effie is afraid to give into them since she has a plan. When a reporter comes sniffing around about how things are at the Brown Butter, it could cost her, Ernie and their other co-workers their jobs, as things are not what they seem. Effie has to decide who and what she wants before it’s too late. A fun rom-com, that hits all the right notes. You follow these two along, as well as a good bunch of supporting characters, and hope for the best for them.