Book Review: ‘Eeny Meeny’ Is A Great Start To A New Detective Series

Two people with a gun and only one can survive. What would you do?

In the vein of Saw, the first book from M.J. Arlidge of Detective Inspector Helen Grace is a thrilling novel. Pairs of people are being kidnapped and left together in secret, disgusting places. All they have is a burner phone and a gun between them. The person who has kidnapped them calls and tells them one will live and one will die. It’s up to them to decide who will die and the other will walk.

Helen Grace is leading the case with her team to find the person responsible. Helen who has secrets and issues of her own, is frustrated with no clues. As the mystery person grabs more pairs of people it becomes clear to Helen that this is personal, as each pair has something to with her.

Along the way Helen has to deal with a secret hookup with one of her co-workers and a rogue cop that has been leaking information out. It soon becomes a game of cat and mouse as clues slowly start to take shape, leading to a showdown with the person responsible, which is someone close to Helen. It all leads to a dramatic showdown where one will live and one will die.

Helen Grace is a tough, smart cop and I look forward to the next novel Pop Goes The Weasel, coming October 6. You can pick up Eeny Meeny on June 2.

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