Book Review: ‘The Echo Of Twilight’

It’s 1914 before the war has begun. Pearl Gibson is a lady’s maid. She has no family or real friends. When she answers an ad for Lady Ottoline Campbell her life will be forever changed.

Pearl passes the interview and is hired as he maid. Lady Ottline’s family is rich with houses, beautiful furniture, clothes and many secrets. She starts to learn them when she goes to Scotland for their annual summer stay at their estate. Pearl and the Lady become close and start sharing their family histories. Pearl also meets a dashing young man that she falls for.

Soon the war has started and that means most of the men have got to go serve, including Ottline’s two sons and Pearl’s love Ralph. Pearl soon learns she’s pregnant and isn’t sure what to do. Ottline comes up with a plan for her to have the child and to help raise the baby. As they go away to await the birth, they are also awaiting news from the war (if their loved ones have been killed). They grow closer but also grow apart.

Pearl decides to make a clean break and move on with her life with her child. Soon she gets shocking news that will change her life forever.

A really enjoyable book from begging to end. The feel of what the war must have been like on families and countries shines through like author Judith Kinghorn was actually there!

You can pick up The Echo Of Twilight in stores now.

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