Book Review: ‘Duty And Honor’ Is The Next Exciting Jack Ryan Jr. Novel

There’s nothing like a Jack Ryan/Jack Ryan Jr. novel. The latest on is Duty And Honor written by Grant Blackwood (G.P. Putnam’s Sons; in stores now).

This novel is all about Jack Ryan Jr. There’s very little interaction with previous characters of the Campus. Jack is actually on leave from them after the last book. He’s figuring out if he wants to continue with them or not.

Jack decides to go to the store to get groceries and on his way out sees a flyer on his car and is suddenly accosted. He figures it’s a drug addict looking for money. He soon learns it’s more than that. After a knock down fight with the guy (who ends up killed by a truck) Jack notices another man in the distant. He figures out someone is out to kill him. He goes on the offense and finds some clues and starts investigating.

He ends up saving a reporter and the two of them team up. It soon takes them on a chase through New England and then on to Germany, Switzerland, France and Africa. The more they travel, the more clues they find and soon figure out the who, what and why someone is after Jack.

With chase after chase and life threatening battles, Jack is soon faced with kill or be killed. Another exciting novel to add to the Tom Clancy legacy. These stories never disappoint and I can’t wait for the next one!

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