Book Review: ‘Down The Rabbit Hole’ Is A Great Look At Life At The Playboy Mansion

Ever wonder what life is like in the Playboy mansion? Well you can find out in the great new biography from one of Hugh’s former girlfriends Holly Madison in her new book Down The Rabbit Hole (Dey Street Books/Harper Collins) in stores now.

An Oregon girl that decided to go to Los Angeles to try and make it as an actress. Holly soon found herself at the mansion and meeting Hugh and the other girls. After being allowed back to the mansion on numerous occasions she approached Hugh about moving in. To her surprise he said okay and she soon became one of the seven girlfriends. Live in the mansion was not what she expected. The girls were bitchy, there were lots of rules that had to be obeyed.

Holly tells the story of other girls coming and going, sex, parties, drugs, nights out on the town and how Hugh Hefner is a control freak who would play the girls against each other. She details the years spent there, how the E! reality show happened and how she decided she had to get out before it was too late to reclaim her life. There’s also great stories about her dating Criss Angel (a real piece of work) and how she was able to make a name for herself on the stage in Vegas and how she ultimately found love.

A great read and look at life in the mansion was like. You can pick it up now in stores.

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