Book Review: Doug Stanhope’s ‘Digging Up Mother: A Love Story’ Is Incredibly Honest And An Awesome Read!

If you’re a fan of Doug Stanhope you’ll want to pick up his new book Digging Up Mother: A Love Story (in stores now). Even if you’re not pick it up! It’s an incredibly awesome book. Doug goes into great detail about his life and his mother (who this book is the basis for). There’s way to many great stories to even talk about. How he’s still alive or not in jail is beyond me (and he tells about all the scams he did over the years).

This review may seem short and not much in detail. Trust me when I say this book is incredible. The brutal honesty, the stories and Doug’s life has been one adventure after another. To try and break it down in a few paragraphs won’t do it justice. Pick it up and read it for yourself and then try and tell me I am wrong!

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