Book Review: ‘Don’t Make Me Turn This Life Around: A Novel’ By Camille Pagan

by | Apr 28, 2021 | Books | 0 comments

Libby Rose-Velasquez is once again told she’s cancer free. She was worried it came back after having been cancer free for many years. This is great news for her and her family. But her family life lately has been anything but great. Her husband pilot Shiloh hasn’t been around a lot lately and they haven’t had sex in forever (even though she tries). Her twin teen daughters Charlotte (how has found out she has diabetes) and Isa are typical young girls. Charlotte gets fawned over, while Isa is given less attention. Libby decides it’s time for a family vacation to Puerto Rico to vist family. It may not be the best time, as it’s hurrican season. But they go and the trip starts off bad and things get worse when a storm hits the island. With no power and emergency situations taking shape and a shocking reveal from her husband, things for this family seem dire. But this is a family and they won’t go down without fighting.

This is a sequel to the great book Life and Other Near-Death Experiences and a very welcome one indeed. It’s a very character driven story about family and being open and honest and dealing with whatever life throws at you. You follow these characters and root for them the whole way as you read it.

You can pick up Don’t Make Me Turn This Life Around in stores on Tuesday, May 11th.