Book Review: ‘Don’t Make A Sound: A Sawyer Brooks Novel’ By T.R. Ragan

There’s nothing I like better than reading the first book in a new series and really liking it. This new Sawyer Brooks series by author T.R. Ragan has a little something for everyone. The main character has issues dating back to her horrible childhood and bad parents. She’s also a reporter who gets a promotion to be on the crime beat. She stars digging into murders that happened in her home town of River Rock, a little more than three hours from Sacramento, where she lives now.

The murders happened many years ago but were never solved. She has gone home for her Grandmother’s funeral and it opens old wounds with her parents. She runs into old friends and starts investigating the murders. But this small town doesn’t like it and her Mom especially tells her to stop. But Sawyer will not and then an other murder takes place the same as the ones years ago. Is it the same killer as before and a copycat? Is it someone close to Sawyer? Soon she finds out shocking things about the people of this town, her parents, what happened to her and her sisters all those years ago and who the murderer is and it could be the end of her.

There’s also a side story of five women who have had horrible things happen to them years ago and decide to form a group that will take down the five people that caused them pain one at a time. There’s some drastic action that takes place and a shocking reveal of who one of them is. I assume it will play more in future novels.

Sawyer is a great, flawed character and there are a lot of twists and turns in the story that keep the reader engaged throughout the novel, leading to the shocking reveals, that will play into future novels.

You can pick up Don’t Make A Sound in stores on Tuesday, June 1st.

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