Book Review: ‘Dishonorable Intentions’ Is Another Fun Stone Barrington Adventure

There’s nothing better than a Stone Barrington novel. Stuart Woods writes them so fast and it’s something to look forward to. His latest Dishonorable Intentions (Putnam; in stores now) doesn’t disappoint.

The action in this one takes us to Santa Fe, Hollywood, Rome and England. Stone and his latest lady friend (and when doesn’t he have one such a stud) Gala Wilde seem happy and content. The only issue is her ex Boris, a high powered Russian movie producer. He’s never gotten over her even though they are divorced. After some setbacks to him (which he thinks Stone had to do with but he didn’t) he’s bent on revenge on him and Gala.

In an attempt to get away from him they head to his estate in England. Soon Boris is on the trail obsessed more than ever. Live in England is good for the most part for Stone and Gala (and even Felicity joins in on some fun in the bedroom!). As Boris gets more unhinged they soon head back to Santa Fe, only to find out Boris is filming a movie in town. Things come to a head involving bears and rattlesnakes and Stone has to face a harsh reality.

The story ends on a little tease for the next book which will be out in August.

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