Book Review: ‘Did You Ever Have A Family’ May Be The Book Of The Fall

A fascinating book that tells a story from many peoples points of view.

In his debut novel Did You Ever Have A Family (Scout Press in stores Tuesday, September 8), Bill Clegg writes the story from the different characters points of views in each chapter. It’s a refreshing way to write a novel and it works!

A tragic fire at the house of June Reid takes the lives of her boyfriend (Luke a much younger man), her ex-husband Adam, her daughter Lolly and her fiance Will (who were to be married this day). They all lived in a small town where everyone knew each other and usually knew their business. June soon takes off from town without a word to anyone to a place that was special to her and her daughter. As each person in the book recalls their perspective about what happened with June and their lives and how it all fits together. Secrets and things long thought gone are revealed in a way that I have not read in a long time (if ever).

For a refreshing novel that shows how people are effected by a tragedy and have to rebuild pick up Did You Ever Have A Family.

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