Book Review: ‘Death On A Deadline: A Homefront New Mystery’ By Joyce St. Anthony

by | Oct 28, 2022 | Books | 0 comments

The next novel in the news series is a solid follow-up to the first novel. The year is 1942 and WWII is raging thru the world. In the small town of Progress, Irene Ingram is holding down the fort, as the editor of The Progress Herald, while her father is away serving his country. It’s time for the annual county fair, and this year Hollywood celebrities are coming to help sell war bonds, with a rumor Clarke Gable will be showing up. When actor Freddie Harrison shows up as the headliner, it causes a scandal in town. He has cheated on his wife, who is the sister of local business owners Ava and her dad Ned. Then he’s found dead in the dunk tank, and an investigation starts, and Irene is in the middle of it. There’s a long line of suspects and when Irene narrows it down, she finds her life in danger, and it could be the end of her. Fans of small town mysteries will like this novel and I suggest picking up the first one as well (but it is not necessary to have read it first.)

You can pick up Death On A Deadline in stores on Tuesday, November 8th from Crooked Lane.