Book Review: ‘Death In The Margins: A Blue Ridge Library Mystery’ By Victoria Gilbert

by | Nov 17, 2022 | Books | 0 comments

Amy Muir is visiting her dancing husband Richard as he prepares a new show at the nearby theater in the neighboring town of Smithsburg. She notices a run-in with one of the stars of the show and former girlfriend of Richard, the nasty Meredith Fox, who likes to act like a queen diva. When Amy goes looking for a tablet, she finds Meredith dead, and now the investigation is on to find who killed her. She teams up with Chief Deputy Brad Tucker to look into her past, and finds any number of suspects. As Amy gets close to figuring out the killer, the killer decides that she knows too much and this could be the end of Amy. Another fun novel in this series, number seven with quirky characters, that make them fun to read.

You can pick up Death In The Margins in stores on Tuesday, December 6th from Crooked Lane.