Book Review ‘Death Of An Honest Man’ Is The Next Hamish Macbeth Mystery

by | Feb 13, 2018 | Books | 0 comments

New York bestselling author M.C. Beaton is back with her next Hamish Macbeth mystery titled Death Of An Honest Man, in stores from Grand Central Publishing on Tuesday, February 20th. It’s my first time reading one of her Hamish stories and it’s a very fun read. Hamish is an interesting character with some baggage and a love for his dog and cat! The book is also written the way the characters would really talk (they are from Scotland and the cities near there). At times it’s almost hard to read but it makes for a fun challenge.

Paul English has moved into the area and is a horrible man. He has pissed off just about everyone he has come into contact with including Hamish. Now people are out for blood and even have thought of wishing him dead. Well wishes sometimes come true and English is found dead. Now the hunt it on to find the killer.

And if that isn’t bad enough Blair is out to get Hamish and he keeps losing partners who no longer want to be cops. He keeps investigating and not having much luck. When another murder happens (someone that said they had proof), Hamish goes into overdrive until he finds out who the killer is. Even if it might put his own life in danger.

In ready the author notes the BBC has made a TV series out of this character and I am curious to watch and see how they do the story. You don’t need to have previous books as author Beaton has put in enough backstory so you understand what is going on.