Book Review: ‘Death At The Manor: A Lily Adler Novel’ By Katharine Schellman

The third book in the Lily Adler series is another winner. This time around Lily, who is a widow, is off to Hampshire to spend time with her Aunt Eliza. Lily learns that the Wright family, who have lived there a long time, has a ghost and is intriqued to find out more. The Wright family is run by Thomas, the oldest son and his sister Selena and their mother live there. Lily learns the ghost is known as The Gray Lady and has run off a few of the servants. When Lily arrives at the house the next morning to see what it’s all about, Mrs. Wright is found dead in her locked room of freight and it’s believed to be at the hands of the ghost. But Lily doesn’t believe this and sets out to find the truth before it’s too late for anyone else. These books are always well-written and fun to read and will keep you enthralled right up to the end. More Lily Please!

You can pick up Death At The Manor in stores on Tuesday, August 9th from Crooked Lane.

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