Book Review: ‘Daughters Of Sparta: A Novel’ By Claire Heywood

Author Claire Heywood has written a great new historical fiction novel centered on the women known as Helen Of Troy and her sister Klytemnestra. Both were born as Princesses of Sparta but didn’t have an easy life. They were beautiful and the envy of the land. And then their father seperated them at a young age and married them off. They didn’t have the best husbands and had to try and have it all being wifes and mothers. When the two sisters can’t take it anymore they fight for what they believe in. Which brings us into the Trojan War and the ripple effects that is caused for women going forward. This is their story and it’s really well written covering their early life into the legion that Helen became. If you’re a fan of historical fiction, this is right up your alley.

You can pick up Daughters Of Sparta in stores on Tuesday, June 22nd from Dutton.

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